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"NSS took pride in customizing the right products and systems that would help meet our needs without blowing our budget."

-Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas







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Customer service is our #1 priority. We customize your total security package, from the on-boarding process, to installation, and management plans designed to fit your needs.

Our Signature Solutions


Video Security

Video surveillance plays an important role in providing a strong deterrent to crime and live video streams on your phone make it easy to always keep watch.

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Access Control

Keep your business and employees safe with automated perimeter security. Implement keycards and track who comes in and out by name and by time.

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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Keep a watchful eye on every part of your business, from anywhere in the world. Burglar alarms are always on and connected to your centralized backend.

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Interior Automation

Enjoy mood setting audio with hardwired speakers that are easy to control. Keep your office future-proofed with instant communication features.

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Thermal Temperature Detection Solutions

Many businesses are now contemplating installing temperature detection solutions near the main entry of their facility to prevent the introduction and spread of the Coronavirus.

These temperature detection zones require reliable, fast, effective ways to measure human body temperatures and to identify those with abnormal readings so they can be pulled aside for further evaluation or refused access.

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Thermal detection camera system

Our unique process was designed with the customer in mind

1. Free Consultation

Contact us for a free estimate and consultation.

2. Walk-through

Upon initial inspection, we'll give you an assessment of your property's needs.

3. Digital Blueprint

After your vision is finalized, we get to work crafting a digital map of the job.

4. Affordable Rates

We provide service plans with affordable monthly rates that maintains your security system and data management.


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Peace of Mind with
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Case Study – Austin Bombing

A bomb was placed on Kim’s side yard with a trip wire. Kim and her three children were all on the property when 2 pedestrians walked by and hit the trip wire, setting the bomb off. The 2 young men were critically hurt and it violently shook the home. The family was very scared and the whole city was very tense. When we met Kim she had not slept well in 2 weeks.

After a free consultation and on-site analysis, Net Security Solutions was careful to listen to Kim and propose a customized solution that fit her needs. Soon after, the team installed a high definition video surveillance system and a state-of-the-art alarm which monitored all the doors and windows.

Shortly after the installation of the alarms and cameras, Kim and her family slowly began to gain peace of mind and life has gotten back to being "normal" again. Kim planted a garden in the yard where the event occurred.